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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 21, June 2010


The influence of the political factors on the largest Russian companies` market capitalization

Nalivaiskiy V.Y. / DemidenkoT.I. )

 Bank management

Demand’s formation on the Russian market of banking products for individuals

Popkova E.G. / Suvorina A.P. )

The calculation costs of banking products with the activity based costing method

Konyaev A.A. )

 Regional finances

Modernization of regional reproduction structure in the North Caucasus

Tatuev A.A. / Nagoev A.B. / Kerefov M.A. )


Post-crisis shape the innovation processes in OECD countries

Ratner S.V. )

 Budget policy

Modeling of influence of formation and use of sovereign funds on national economy

Sukharev A.N. )


The application of method of mutual insurance in the sphere of public insurance

Logvinova I.L. )

 Foreign experience

The Taxation of Individuals in Germany: a Glance from Russia

Tyutyuryukov N.N. )

The international experience of introduction of the budgeting

Yuzvovich L.I. / Valova E.Yu. )


Features of higher schools budgetary financing

Ilyina L.N. )


Developing of the system of the mortgage lending

Inozemtseva E.U. )


Historical aspect of the development of households’ finance

Fuzeinikova M.E. )


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