Finance and Credit

Vol. 25, Iss. 10
October 2019

Finance and Credit

  • Audit or financial control? Innovation in choosing the scope of application
  • Impact investing as a new direction of financing
  • The Russian financial market's ability to mobilize investment resources
  • Innovative financial instruments as a driver of financial market security
  • Influence of the movement of financial capital on economic growth in Palestine
  • On the issue of money supply endogeneity in the Russian economy
  • On the issue of improving the efficiency of financing of business entities and the transfer pricing
  • Assessing the efficiency of ecosystem functioning of PAO Sberbank
  • Challenges to banking: The modern Russian specific nature
  • Institutional barriers to currency competition in the international monetary system
  • A criteria-based approach to the description of endogeneity and exogeneity of money
  • On the monetary functions of cryptocurrency
  • Improving the methodology for rating counterparties
  • A financial mechanism to develop transport infrastructure based on concession agreements
  • Rating investment projects of user-defined duration under regular redemption schedule: A new approach
Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 18, Iss. 10
October 2019

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

  • Institutions of forest policy of modern Russia
  • Assessing the factors of investment appeal of municipalities at different stages
  • Improving performance indicators of the military-industrial complex by expanding the civil production
  • Improving the methodology for industry analysis based on the Harvard paradigm
  • Labor productivity and remuneration in aircraft industry
  • Managing the competitiveness of organizations by improving the service quality
  • Methodological approaches to the comparative analysis of tax competitiveness of regions
  • Verification of validity and reliability of methodology for assessing the socio-economic effectiveness of the tourism and recreation sector in the region
  • Analyzing the cause-effect relationships of the Russian entrepreneurship development
  • A methodological approach to analyzing the effect of fixed assets on economic growth in Russia by the production functions of complex variables
Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Vol. 17, Iss. 11
November 2019

Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

  • Mechanisms and results of adaptation of the Altai Krai to changes in the external and internal environment in the context of cyclical economic development
  • A profile of subjective well-being of academic staff
  • An analysis of the influence of special legal status areas on the development of regional socio-economic systems of Russia
  • Business community competencies research: A regional profile
  • Development of taxation of small and medium-sized businesses at the regional level
  • Globalization of world economic relations and the change in Mongolia's position
  • Economic security of the industrial complex in the context of digital transformation
  • High-level processing of dairy products in Russia's regions: A method of assessing the export potential of the region and the promotion of dairy products to Asian markets
  • Evaluating the efficiency of foreign direct investment: A regional dimension
  • The digitalization of regional urban planning
  • Using alternative energy sources by Russian households
  • The state of agro-industrial complex as a precondition for rural tourism development in Russian regions: Experience in financial and statistical assessment
  • Regional banks of Japan: Milestones, specifics of government regulation and a role in economic development
National Interests: Priorities and Security

Vol. 15, Iss. 11
November 2019

National Interests: Priorities and Security

  • The concept for production and consumption waste management for purposes of a circular economy
  • Models for strategic management of profit-making entities in Russia
  • Digitalization in tax administration: Global practices of online service improvement
  • Cyberspace risks and their impact on the efficiency of the interaction of economic agents
  • Evaluating the economic security of sectors of the Russian economy
  • Risks of user's remote biometric identification and options to mitigate them
  • Evaluating the effect of region's reputation capital on the revitalization mode of investing activity: The analysis methodology and its testing. Evidence from the regions of the Volga Federal District
  • Configuration of global and national innovation systems by parity of innovative development across countries
  • Standardizing the evaluation of investment attractiveness of regional tourist and recreational complex
  • Social security system: Gaining access to high-tier social services
  • Enforcement of criminal liability in the Russian Federation for money laundering
  • Commercialization of space activities: Best practices, problems, and promising areas
Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

Vol. 12, Iss. 3
July-September 2019

Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

  • Strategic functions of current assets: Financial analytics
  • Analyzing the possibility to apply the arbitrage pricing theory in the Russian stock market
  • Issues of public procurement and solutions
  • Developing the infrastructure of virtual entrepreneurship in modern Russia through the mechanism of cryptocurrency payments
  • Accounting system and risk management: The need for interaction
  • Applied metrology for the convergent economy: A cognitive approach
  • Analysis of manipulations when applying the income approach method to valuation
  • Project finance issues in Russia: The specifics of provisions for possible losses of stakeholder banks
International Accounting

Vol. 22, Iss. 11
November 2019

International Accounting

  • Federal accounting standard FSBU 25/2018 Accounting for Leases: Practical application issues
  • Accounting in small business entities: Russian and foreign practices
  • The impact of IFRS adoption on influx of foreign direct investment in transition economies
  • The specifics of accounting for bank deposits, trust financing (Mudarabah) and tax for the poor and needy (Zakat) of Islamic financial institutions
  • The convergence of accounting approaches: IFRS 9 financial instruments for purposes of the Russian accounting system. The market economy compliance test
  • Special aspects of the use of the expert's work in the accounts auditing
  • The essence of tax advice for business enterprises and the assessment of its regulation
  • Assessment of the impact of shadow economy on the amount of tax revenue: A regional perspective
Digest Finance

Vol. 24, Iss. 3
July-September 2019

Digest Finance

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of equity finance of investment: Sources, forms, mechanisms, tools
  • The organizational and administrative framework for the digital economy
  • A study of justification of the buyers' synergetic optimism in major M&A deals of 2008–2014 involving Russian mining enterprises
  • Predictive and prescriptive analyses: Theoretical considerations
  • Modern trends in the evolution of world financial centers: A regional perspective (Evidence from the International Financial Center in Luxembourg)
  • Identifying affiliation attributes of economic agents as part of controlling functions
  • Biological and land assets in agriculture: Development issues of accounting and measurement
  • A methodology for efficient management of inventories
  • The practice of Russian companies' repurchase of shares