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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

Vol. 29, Iss. 9
September 2023

Finance and Credit

  • Neural network modeling of motivation of key executives of regional government institutions as a regression problem
  • The role of the behavioral factor in the formation of deposit cash flow volatility
  • Building a pension portfolio based on modeling the structure of pension savings
  • Global transformation of crowdfunding model types: Experience for Russia and practical recommendations
  • Axiological approach to transforming the system of social sphere financing
  • National financial systems are the path to sovereignty. Part 1: A systems analysis
  • Problems and a mechanism for improving the efficiency of property taxation of metallurgical plants
  • Perspectives of the Russian economy
  • The importance of transformation of global value chains in the international business in the context of harmonization of international economic relations for Russia
  • Proposed methodology and tools of econophysics to analyze mesodynamics of economic sectors in Russian regions
  • Digital transformation of consumer behavior and the socio-economic policy of the State
  • An analysis of taxation and budget regulation of the agro-industrial complex of the Altai Krai
Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 22, Iss. 9
September 2023

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

  • Statistical analysis of the information and communication infrastructure of the knowledge economy at the macro-level
  • Studying the effectiveness and efficiency of industrial policy: The electronic industry case
  • Key growth drivers for the People's Republic of China
  • Analysis of entrepreneurial activity in the regions of Russia: Configuration of factors of digital environment
  • Building and testing a digital model for effective investment decisions to form strategies for development of economic entities
  • Analysis of trends and development factors of carbon capture and storage technologies in Russia and abroad
  • A model for evaluating the scientific capital of an innovative industrial enterprise
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems in the context of the digital economy formation
Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Vol. 21, Iss. 9
September 2023

Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

  • A comparative analysis of the economic efficiency of coal mining and transportation along the Northern Sea Routes to international consumers from the Taymyr Peninsula deposits
  • Some methodological approaches to assessing the digital transformation of regions
  • The impact of digital technologies in industries on the economic growth of industrial areas
  • Transforming the World Order amid the emerging multipolarity: Evidence from the African continent
  • An analysis of the compliance of the environmental protection and waste management principles with the circular economy principles
  • Formation of a functional and effective model of tax federalism: Criteria and factors
  • Assessing the impact of households on the economic development of the Sverdlovsk Oblast
  • China's economic development of agriculture: Achievements and challenges
  • Modern tourism and its development in Russia
National Interests: Priorities and Security

Vol. 19, Iss. 9
September 2023

National Interests: Priorities and Security

  • The main trends in the development of China's fuel and energy complex: Prospects for Russian-Chinese energy cooperation
  • On government regulation of the market of medical devices
  • The role of legal services in the implementation of auditing activities
  • From neoliberalism to neo-nazism: On the essence of the transition to a "New World Order" and the deep-rooted causes for the start of a Special Military Operation in Ukraine
  • The role of institutional conditions and economic activity of the population in the socio-economic dynamics of the federal districts
  • Designing a differentiated strategy of innovation development of Russia's regions: Methodological issues
  • The possibility of accelerating economic growth and structural modernization in the energy sector in the face of sanctions. Part 3
Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

Vol. 16, Iss. 3
July-September 2023

Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

  • Substantiating the normative values of company's liquidity ratios: Evidence from the engineering, transport and logistics industries
  • German companies in the global pharmaceutical market
  • Ecosystem as a new banking business environment
  • Developing the digital twin of the economic, financial, information and logistics inter-cluster cooperation mechanism
  • Formation and implementation of regional investment projects in the economic space of the macro-region: Some particularities
  • Establishing a risk management system with comprehensive assessment of events
  • Creating a group of financial ratios to evaluate financial policy of companies
International Accounting

Vol. 26, Iss. 9
September 2023

International Accounting

  • Disclosing SDGs achievement indicators in the reporting of Russian universities based on the ESG approach. Part 1
  • Historical aspects and the current problems of accounting for fixed assets depreciation
  • Application of the principle of rationality in the conditions of accounting according to Federal Accounting Standard (FSBU) 6/2020 - Fixed Assets
  • Using forensic accounting information in financial control
  • Principles of organization and implementation of internal financial control of State (municipal) institutions
  • Improving internal control of costs for land reclamation works
Digest Finance

Vol. 28, Iss. 3
July-September 2023

Digest Finance

  • The foreign practice of large merger & acquisitions transactions in the stock market sector of the oil and gas industry
  • An economic expert analysis of funds in the context of digitalization: Some considerations
  • Using a foreign exchange market asset as a benchmark to assess investment risks in the stock market
  • Factors influencing decision-making on the implementation of BIM technologies in project management in construction
  • Analyzing the accuracy of bank reliability assessment based on official reporting
  • Cluster analysis in the control over the activity of insurance companies
  • Financial flows of digital intelligent transition