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Finance and Credit

General Information and the Scope

Revised version, January 2021

Русская версия

Finance and Credit is a peer-reviewed academic journal founded in 1994 in accordance with the classical subscription model. Since 2018, the journal has been offering authors different ways of publishing their research findings, including the Open Access model.

The journal publishes research and practice articles on the results of research in the field of the following:

  • Finance
  • Materials highlighting the interrelationships and interdependencies arising in the operation of various parts of the financial system
  • Financial flows and circulation of capital
  • Structural elements of the monetary and credit system
  • Regularities of formation and functioning of the system of monetary and credit relations at the micro-and macro-levels

The journal covers both fundamental and applied research in the field of monetary, financial and credit relations, financial markets and institutions, investment and innovation activities.

The journal spotlights the following scope of subjects and aspects:

  • Modern concepts and theories of finance and their use in the activities of financial institutions
  • Methodology of financial regulation of reproduction processes
  • Features and economic implications of financial globalization
  • Theory, methodology, and techniques of financial planning at the State and municipal entity levels
  • Inter-budget relations and budget regulation
  • Tax policy priorities and the main directions of tax system reform
  • Transformation and risk of the budget and tax system at different stages of economic development
  • Mechanisms and instruments of public borrowing in the domestic and foreign financial markets
  • Peculiarities of sustainable development of the system of financial resources of enterprises at various stages of economic development
  • Organization and functioning of securities market and its segments
  • Trends of development of the world monetary system
  • Methodology and practice of currency and credit relations between Russia and foreign countries
  • Insurance systems and the insurance market finance
  • Monetary system and cash circulation mechanisms
  • Evolution of credit relations, regularities and modern tendencies of their development
  • Interaction between credit and money turnover, finance, and financial market
  • Impact of credit on production and realization of social product
  • Banking system and banking policy
  • Monetary accommodation
  • Behavioral aspects in budgeting, planning and evaluation of investment
  • Monetary policy in the context of financial crisis
  • Development of financial and credit relations for small business
  • Influence of financial regulators on financial markets and securities markets
  • Financial information, speculation, forward rates, and swaps
  • International payment mechanisms
  • International commercial and investment banking
  • International monetary system

The journal features the following subject headings:

  • Theory of Finance
  • Financial Capital
  • Financial System
  • Financial Control
  • Fiscal System
  • Public Borrowing
  • Securities Market
  • Investing
  • Business Value
  • World Monetary System
  • International Payment Mechanisms
  • Monetary and Credit Relations
  • Challenges of Globalization
  • Banking
  • Monetary Accommodation
  • Insurance

Why Finance and Credit?

Open Access

The journal provides authors with a choice of ways to publish their research results through both the classical subscription model and the Open Access one.

The Open Access publication fee for Finance and Credit journal is EUR 300, excluding taxes.
For more details, please refer to Journal Pricing Policy and Guide for Authors.

Article Selection Criteria

The main criteria to accept an article for publication in the Finance and Credit journal are the article's high quality, originality, novelty, and research and practice significance of the submitted materials.


Articles are reviewed internally and/or externally. For more details please refer to Regulation on Reviewing. Considering Reviewers' feedback, the Chief Editor decides whether the material meets all the required criteria. Reviewers remain anonymous for Authors throughout the reviewing process, likewise articles they deal with are unnamed. Anonymous reports of Reviewers are sent to Authors, without being in the public domain. Articles undergo double blind peer reviewing.


Authors hold the copyright for their articles.

For more details, please refer to Copyright section.

Indexing in Databases

Articles of the Finance and Credit journal are indexed in the Russian Scientific Citation Index, VINITI (Referativny Zhurnal), and Google Scholar.

Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) List

Finance and Credit is on the list of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation recommending journals for Authors to publish their papers on the scientific content of their theses on Economics in pursuit of PhD and doctoral degree.

Plagiarism Check

Each article submitted to Finance and Credit undergoes plagiarism checks via the Antiplagiat system and/or other plagiarism checking software.

The Editorial takes all cases of plagiarism, self-plagiarism or any other scientific misconduct very seriously. Authors should be aware that all manuscripts are checked by using the plagiarism detection software Antiplagiat and other resources. Any incident will result in a correction request or even rejection or retraction of the article. The Editorial withholds the right to impose further penalties such as a ban of publication in Finance and Credit for a two-year period.

Article Submission

The Editorial accepts Authors' materials upon a duly completed Journals Contributor's Publishing Agreement sent via email post@fin-izdat.ru.
For more details, please refer to Article Submission.

Journal Details

Finance and Credit®
A peer reviewed analysis and practice journal
ISSN 2311-8725 (Online), ISSN 2073-039X (Print)
Since 1994
Volume: 240-256 pages; Issue format: А4
Current journal frequency: Monthly
Previous journal frequency:
- Until January 2018: 48 issues per year
- Until January 2007: 36 issues per year
- Until January 2005: 30 issues per year
- Until January 2004: 24 issues per year
- Until January 2002: 18 issues per year
- Until January 2001: 12 issues per year

Registration Certificate ПИ № ФС77-60938 of March 2, 2015 by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media

Previous Registration Certificate №013007 of November 3, 1994 by the Committee of the Russian Federation on Press

Founder and Publisher

Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT
Registered address: app. 1, Zelenyi prospect 8, Moscow 111141 (postcode), Russian Federation
Office: Zelenyi prospekt 20, Moscow 111397 (postcode), Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 925 966 4690


Office: Zelenyi prospekt 20, Moscow 111397 (postcode), Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 925 966 4690
E-mail: post@fin-izdat.ru


ISSN 2311-8709 (Online)
ISSN 2071-4688 (Print)

Journal current issue

Vol. 30, Iss. 6
June 2024