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For legitimate reproduction of copyright materials or any substantial part of a copyrighted work, permission should be sought from the rights holder. This requirement applies to any text, images, illustrations, graphs, charts, tables, or other material from previously published sources, including Internet sources. Therefore, before using such materials, you must obtain permission from the legitimate rights holder.

Follow Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT’s recommendations below for quick and easy obtaining permission.

When is permission required?

As a general rule, written permission must be obtained from the rights holder in order to re-use any copyrighted material. Typically the rights holder of published material is the publisher or website owner unless it is explicitly indicated otherwise. Copyrighted material can include figures, illustrations, charts, tables, photographs, and text excerpts. Re-use of any borrowed material must be properly acknowledged, even if it is determined that written permission is not necessary.

We recommend checking the possibility of re-use of copyrighted material and, if necessary, obtain a permit, issued in accordance with the requirements of the copyright holder.

When is permission not required?

Written permission may not need to be obtained in certain circumstances, such as the following:

  • Public domain works are not protected by copyright and may be reproduced without permission, subject to proper acknowledgement. This includes works for which copyright has expired, works that are not copyrightable by law, and works expressly released into the public domain by their creators. (Permission would however be required to re-use the final formatted, edited, published version of a public domain journal article, for example, as this version is owned by the publisher.)
  • Open access content published under a CC-BY user license, as well as open access content published under other types of user licenses depending on the nature of your proposed re-use (for example, commercial vs. nonprofit use), may not require written permission, subject to proper acknowledgement. Permissions vary depending on the license type, and we recommend that readers check the license details carefully before re-using the material.
  • Creating an original figure or table from data or factual information that was not previously in figure or table format typically does not require permission, subject to proper acknowledgement of the source(s) of the data.

General guidelines for obtaining permission from copyright holders

We strongly recommend readers to obtain all necessary permissions from the rights holders before re-using copyrighted materials. To obtain such permits, readers should make all necessary efforts. You should keep records of all correspondence as proof of your attempts to obtain permission. It can never be assumed that a non-response authorizes you to use the material. In case of non-response, we exhort you to waive the intention to re-use these materials without permission of the copyright holder.

Author Inquiries

To obtain permission to re-use materials published in journals and on the website of Publishing house FINANCE and CREDIT, please contact the Editors:
Phone: +7 (925) 966 4690
e-mail: post@fin-izdat.ru.