Finance and Credit

Vol. 24, Iss. 10
October 2018

Finance and Credit

  • Paradoxes of inflation targeting and the determinants of price performance in Russia and the world
  • Cryptocurrency within the legal framework
  • The global derivatives market: Current status and opportunities for Russia
  • An econometric analysis of the impact of financial globalization uncertainty factor on Russia's financial system development
  • Prospects of development of the Russian monetary system in modern conditions
  • Forecasting the dynamics of the Russian cash flow
  • Budgetary and bank credit systems of the urban district: Interaction points, problems and solutions
  • Risk assessment in the structured multilevel organization
  • Electronic payment facilities: Development considerations
  • Observing the loan security principle in the banking sector of Russia
  • Measuring the level of digitization of the national financial market: A banking sector case study
  • A Conceptual framework for evaluating the competitiveness of mobile network operators
  • A cross-section analysis of capital investments in the system of investment planning in the Russian Federation
  • A comprehensive comparative analysis of the Russian Federation subjects on investment financing
  • Analyzing the essential features of project finance, its organization and project management specifics in the total management system
  • Peculiarities of determining the category of tax expenses when assessing the tax benefit budgetary efficiency of the subject of the Russian Federation
Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 17, Iss. 10
October 2018

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

  • Analyzing the efficiency of regional measures to support industry
  • Network potential assessment: Evidence from the information technology industry
  • Modeling the mechanisms of economic agent behavior
  • Analyzing the fulfillment of budgetary obligations in the Russian Federation based on risk-oriented approach
  • Assessing the technological development of the Tyva Republic economy
  • Forecasting the trends in the Russian labor flow
  • Innovations and sectoral structure of regional economy: Analysis of reciprocal influence
  • An empirical analysis of monetary policy shocks impacting the profits of Russian banks. Part 1
  • Analyzing the development of healthy food services based on consumer preferences of fitness center visitors
  • A model to manage working capital in agrarian business
  • Applying the non-numeric data statistics methods to analyze objects: The Moscow Oblast municipality case
  • Analysis of tax revenues in the region by economic activity using the input-output model
Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Vol. 16, Iss. 11
November 2018

Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

  • Strategic and financial management of the struggling region development: The Tyva Republic case study
  • Regional informatization: Results and prospects
  • Tendencies of transformation of the structure of the Dagestan economy
  • Contributors to poverty and income inequality in the Volga Federal District
  • Evaluation of methodological approaches to tax planning at the regional level
  • An analysis of the use of irrigated agriculture capacity: The Southern Federal District case study
  • Agglomeration of rural settlements as a strategy for socio-economic development of territories
  • Lean manufacturing at the enterprises of a regional innovation cluster
  • A model of development of the housing and utilities sector in the context of development of energy efficient technologies
  • Entrepreneurship as an additional resource of innovative development of the region
  • The main tendencies of modern economic and demographic development of the regions of the world
  • Social, ecological and economic effects of labor migration of the population of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Assimilation capacity of the area as a factor constraining the tourism and recreation business development
National Interests: Priorities and Security

Vol. 14, Iss. 11
November 2018

National Interests: Priorities and Security

  • A comparative analysis of demographic trends in the BRICS nations
  • Outlining the methodology for management by objectives in line with performance results of the customs service
  • Institutions of civil society and their contribution to the improvement of mechanisms for ensuring the personal, social and national security in the current circumstances, and future development trends
  • Specifics of regulatory barriers to the market environment at the mesoeconomic level: Evidence from the Mari El Republic
  • Sustainable development of fruit and vegetable production and processing
  • Updating the governmental data source 'Directory of Occupations': Monitoring of qualifications and occupational titles in areas of professional activities
  • Neural network modeling of development trends of physical culture and sports in the Russian regions as a driver of the national socio-economic growth
  • A study into trends in indicators of development and international cooperation of Russia, China and European Union
  • Forest resources of the Russian–Mongolian border areas: Stock, consumption, and the future
  • Management of electronic network structures in trade: Evidence from the People's Republic of China
  • The socio-economic status and health-related quality of life relating to the public health in the industrial region: Evidence from the Karaganda Oblast of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Information war waged by foreign mass media against Russia: The case of Russia's alleged involvement in hacker attacks during the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2016
  • Forecasting SYN flood DDoS attacks on web resources
Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

Vol. 11, Iss. 3
July-September 2018

Financial Analytics: Science and Experience

  • Cross-border markets of the Eurasian Economic Union countries: The competitive field and administrative barriers
  • Development of a model of financial efficiency of design and technological preproduction project portfolio on the basis of project team members employment optimization
  • Key value drivers of commercial banks: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe
  • Institutional aspects of the formation of investment attractiveness of the region: The Republic of Crimea case study
  • Analytical bases of management of shareholder equity of the commercial enterprise
  • Some issues of the methodology for assessing budget risks
  • An assessment of the largest Russian banks' impact on the growth of systemic risk of banking sector liquidity
  • On the return of gold to the financial system: Trends and driving forces
  • Tendencies of tax controlling development in the conditions of digital economy
International Accounting

Vol. 21, Iss. 11
November 2018

International Accounting

  • A metatheory of accounting
  • The use of international public sector accounting standards to prepare financial statements by universities for the subsequent application of benchmarking
  • Proportional and progressive taxation: Application of the theory to real-life problems
  • Crises and taxes and charges payable in the regions of the Central Federal District
  • A critical analysis of novelties in regulating the formation of accounting policies by public organizations
  • Analyzing the theoretical basis of the consolidated financial statements concept
  • Specifics of management accounting in project management
  • Accountancy among other academic disciplines: Discourse of the late 19th – early 20th centuries
Digest Finance

Vol. 23, Iss. 3
July-September 2018

Digest Finance

  • Financial Capital: Accounting Procedures and Respective Comments
  • Overdue Accounts Receivable: Quality Analysis, Options for Prevention and Regulation
  • Setting the Stochastic Model for Mid-Term Prediction of Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate: The Bitcoin Case
  • Updating the Existing Approaches to Gauging the Length of Operating and Cash Conversion Cycles
  • The Economic Fallout of Exclusion of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the SWIFT International Payment Network
  • The Future of Monetary Integration in the EEU
  • Analysis of Business Models for the Takaful Fund Management
  • Modeling the Efficiency of Investment in Agricultural Business
  • Integration of Stock Markets of Russia and Southeast Asia
  • Analyzing the Impact of Various Economic Metrics on Yield Spreads of the Russian Ruble-Denominated Corporate Bonds
  • Assessment of Time Effects in BRICS Markets