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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

Finance and Credit

Русская версия

Vol. 30, Iss. 4, April 2024


pp. 726–747

Adjustments of VAT and income tax of banks

Sergei V. ANUREEV )

pp. 748–764

Participatory budgeting in Russia in conditions of economic instability

Vitalii A. FEDOSOV )


pp. 765–787

Evolutionary neural network modeling of import substitution in the electronics industry of regions

Sergei N. YASHIN / Egor V. KOSHELEV / Dmitrii A. SUKHANOV )


pp. 788–813

Machining technologies to compute the psychological-financial index

Semen Yu. BOGATYREV / Irina A. NIKONOVA / Aleksandr A. POMULEV )

pp. 814–829

Theoretical aspects of dependence of the country's economic growth on public health and healthy nutrition

Svetlana N. MASTEROVA )

 Securities market

pp. 830–850

Potential of the Russian IPO market

Valerii V. SMIRNOV )

pp. 851–872

Genetic algorithms as a tool for the formation and evolution of trading strategies in the securities market

Beilak N. ALIEV )


pp. 873–891

Methodological aspects of ensuring the smooth functioning of the digital ruble platform

Aleksandr V. LARIONOV )

 Financial control

pp. 892–913

Arranging internal financial control in public institutions: Obstacles and strategies to mitigate them

Oleg T. SLANOV )


pp. 914–925

Sustainability of development of economic entities in partially autarkic economy

Dar'ya M. KORSHUNOVA / Lyudmila E. ROMANOVA / Aleksandr S. VASIN )

pp. 926–962

Modern features and tools to analyze the insolvency (bankruptcy) of organizations

Irina V. ZENKINA )


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Vol. 30, Iss. 4
April 2024