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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 36, September 2010


Innovational development of municipal formations

Ovchinnikova O.P. )

 Investment potential

Evaluating intangible assets for making investment decisions

Kamalyan A.K. / Verzilina T.V. )

 Budgetary system

Becoming and development of the practice of planning expenditures of regional budgets on the basis of quantitative parametres (volumes) of state services

Istomina N.A. )


The analysis of the dividend policy values and market value characteristics for the russian public companies

Yudkina L.V. / Berlin J.I. )

Personal finance in the modern financial system of the society

Fetisova T.V. )

Financial guarantee of organs of the local self-guidance

Tkacheva Т.Yu. )

 Economy questions

Crisis of Economic Cycles Management Theory in view of Monetary-and-Credit Factors of Foreign Studies

Silka D.N. )

Modern economic policy of Russia: theoretical, methodological and practical issues of transformation (the survey)


Classification of types of credit system and features of tendencies of development credit relations

Bykov M.V. )

 Mortgage lending

The mechanism of realization of programmes of mortgage housing crediting: crisis and post-crisis correction

Gracheva A.A. )


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