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Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 43, November 2010

 Bank management

The Paradigm of strategic bank management in context of maintenance of a sustainable development of commercial banks

Piterskaya L. / Rodin D. )


Private equity funds as a way to increase company value

Kazak A.Y. / Yuzvovich L.I. / Pirogovsky O.M. )

Sustainable growth of the firm: stakeholder’s framework

Ivashkovskaya I.V. )

The concept of harmony management in financial analysis

Kirillova L.N. )


Forecasting of a rate of inflation in the conditions of instability of environment

Vasin L.A. / Rostovtsev V.V. )


On the necessity and the ways of improving the contact supervision effectiveness of the commercial banks, activities

Syomkina N.N. / Chugunov A.V. )

Tendencies of the retail deposits market

Svedentsov V.L. )

The increase of importance of operational risk management in Russian banks

Kayasheva E.V. )


Possibilities of the state tax policy on stimulation of economy innovative development

Melnikova N.P. / Pinskaya M.R. )


Modern concepts of financial system in the economic literature

Shmigol N.S. )

 The budgetary policy

The budgetary risks, caused by the financially-budgetary policy of the subject of the russian federation (municipal union)

Sataev M.U. )

 Stock market

Conflict of interest involving international credit rating agencies as the starting point in the development of their activities regulation

Tursunov T.M. )


Moral institutions in N. S. Mordvinov’s financial ideas and public activities

Anikeeva A.A. )


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