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Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 28, July 2010

 Financial management

Financial model of Russian diversified holdings

Voronina L.A. / Popov N.N. )

Features of formation of financial resources of the agricultural organizations in modern conditions

Lipchiu N.V. / Lipchiu K.I. )

 State finance

The social benefits as the basis of national finances in Russia

Naletov A.U. )

 Banking system

Foreign banks in Russia: reaction to the financial crisis

Abalkina A.A. )


On perfection of the management methods of the inflation processes in the post-crisis economy

Popkova N.A. )

 Tax policy

The investment tax credit: as function of the state support of innovative projects in the Russian Federation

Nechaev A.S. / Soloveva N.V. )


Regional financial policy under budget reform

Svischeva V.A. )


Consolidation of the key scientific and technological assets of the gas industry as a competitiveness improvement tool

Filippskaya N.Y. )


Fundamental analysis of stocks

Khromov E.A. )


Problem of selective approach to the selection of financial active memberships with conducting of transactions on securitization

Ulyukaev S.S. )

 Financial market

Problems of centralization of function regulation of subject’s activity of the financial market

Yablunovskaya G.V. )

 Foreign experience

The ability to use foreign experience development and implementation of programs and products in the financial education field of the population in Russia

Stakhovich L.V. / Ryzhanovskaya L.Yu. / Galishnikova E.V. )

 History pages

Moral institutions in M.A Balugyanskiy financial ideas and public activities

Anikeeva A.A. )


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