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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 12, March 2010


Еstimation of investment appeal of the enterprise and its role in system of investment management

Kabir L.S. )

Econometric estimates, indexes and rank correlations in the analysis of investments in Russian regions

Mitsek S.A. / Mitsek E.B. )

The new approach by consideration of investment process. Investment - a temporary card of the process of the taking the investment decision

Udalov D.А. )


Industrialization of the activity of the banking system of Russia

Ovchinnikova O.P. / Ovchinnikova N.E. )

 Innovative activity

The organization of financing of innovative activity in the city of moscow in the conditions of financial instability

Parsadanov G.A. / Popkov S.Y. )

 Management of the capital

The statistical analysis into the interrelationship of the capital management indicators and market value characteristics of the public Russian companies

Yudkina L.V. / Berlin J.I. )


A company financial policy development in compliance with life-cycle stages

Makarov A.S. )


Special features of the «seed» stage innovation funding

Petrosyan N.A. )


Using a system of indicators in budgetary planning

Ziganshina L.A. )

 Economy questions

Investigation of specific features of market instruments in the management of services

Zuzanova E.V. )

Market analysis realtor services in the Stavropol region

Strigina M.O. )

 Financial crisis

Consequences of world financial crisis for international and russian financial markets

Shvedov D.S. )


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