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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 9, March 2010


Actual problems of International Monetary and Credit and Financial Relations scientific school

Krasavina L.N. )

 Tax policy

Estimation of tax burden differentiation level between regions of Russian Federation

Kamalyan A.K. / Slepokurov A.V. )

 Financial management

Problems of construction of multi-factor economic-mathematical model of the dynamics of the exchange rate in current conditions

Veretennikova O.B. / Mamin D.V. )


About the most actual questions of the modern macro-economic policy

Popkova N.A. )

 The budgetary policy

Optimization of the expenditures of the regional budgets

Zamyatina N.V. )

The analysis of influence of the state promissory notes for the budget

Zuev D.S. )


Economic nature and role of investments in the national economic system

Yuzvovich L.I. )

Peculiarities of investing the pension savings by the government management company

Borisenko N.Y. )

 Management of risks

Electronic banking: information security risks management

Revenkov P.V. )

 Tax regulation

Influence of tax load on financial economic condition of subjects of russian oil-and-gas complex

Nurtdinova G.A. )


Classification of risks of railway companies (for example OJSC «RZD»)

Fedoseeva M.I. )

 Foreign experience

International experience in organization of financial mechanism of pension systems and its application in Russia

Harlasin F.O. )

Development banks in Russia - to take into account foreign experience

Ilyin A.A. )


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