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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Vol. 10, Iss. 34, September 2012

 Priorities of Russia

Main directions of development of interritorial cooperation in modern Russia

Sachuk T.V. )

 Regional development strategy

nalysis of industrial concentration in Russian regions with use of new economic geography approaches

Rastvortseva S.N. / Agarkova O.S. / Chentsova A.S. )

Organization form of territorial-industrial cluster in regional economy

Rodionova N.D. )


Foreign economic indicators of state of the region

Kravchenko A.V. )

valuation technique of economic potential of municipal union

Budazhanaeva M.Ts. )

Interregional inequality of workforce productivity: sectoral structure analysis

Zarutskiy S.A. )

 Agrarian and industrial complex development

Problems and mechanisms of modernization of technical potential of regional agrosector

Sharipov Sh.I. )

Realization of functions of households in regional economy

Podolnaya N.N. )

conomic and social aspects of the regional beekeeping development

Vasilyeva E.A. / Vasilyeva A.V. )

 Foreign experience

Social and environmental consequences of internal migration in Kyrgyzstan

Turdiev T.I. )


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