Finance and Credit

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«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 19, Iss. 6, February 2013

 Financial system

Household financial system: methodological aspect

Zemtsov A.A. / Osipova T.Y. )

 Fiscal policy

Improvement of mechanism of effectiveness evaluation of governmental programs

Vinicyna V.V. )

Necessity and features of program and target financing in health care

Timkin T.R. )


Methods and forms of price and not price competition in the market of bank services

Lutoshkina N.K. )

Assessment of competitive positions of regional commercial banks of the Republic of Mordovia

Krivosheev D.V. )

Methods of calculation forfeiting bill and perspectives for forfeiting in Russia

Khachpanov G.V. )

 Investment potential

Individual investing in stock market in Russia and foreign countries: comparative analysis

Kondrateva Z.A. )


Cluster approach to innovation development strategy of the region in conditions of economic modernization

Boldyreva S.B. )

 Risk management

Development of conceptual approaches to creation of effective system of treasury risk management

Danilenko N.I. )


Insurance of luxury goods and antiques

Bokareva E.V. )


Approach to capital structure formation by the Russian companies considering according to agency features

Krasilnikova E.V. )


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November 2019