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Finance and Credit

Finance and Credit

Vol. 16, Iss. 42, November 2010


stimation of internal sources of the capital of commercial bank

Yashina N.I. / sipova T.I. / Shashkina M.E. )

 Social sphere

Problems and prospects development russian pension system

Pridachuk M.P. )

 Stock market

State papers as the tool of the development of the russian economy

Lakhno U.V. )

 Interbudgetary relations

Planning of grants for municipal budgets in region of Russian Federation: historical experience and modern situation

Istomina N.A. )

Applying the method of correlation pleiades in the study of social-economic and budget performance of russian regions

Kirillova L.N. )

 Financial system

Problems of the Russian institutes for confidence control

Gudakova L.V. / Ryndina I.V. )

Capital structure theory: from the beginnings to modigliani and miller

Rusanova E.G. )


Continuity and originality in transport vehicles taxation

Berezin M.Y. )

Kind of work of tax departments of the Chechen Republic on mobilization of tax payments in budgetary system of the Russian Federation in 2009

Reshiyev S.S. )

 Monetary and credit policy

The dynamical model of definition mortgage value on foundation of interpretation conception fair value

Semenova E.A. )

An Estimation of conjugacy of monetary and banking policy during crisis

Pokidysheva E.V. )


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