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Finance and Credit

Finance and Credit

Vol. 16, Iss. 38, October 2010

 Financial policy

Agent-based modeling as a basis for financial market behavior phenomenon learning

Karaev A.K. / Melnichuk M.V. )

Reflections about price volatility phenomenon

Kuznetsova L.G. )


About the regionalization of the economic reforms in Russia

Aliev B.K. / Alimirzoeva M.G. )

The analysis of the oil prices in 2009 and in first half-year of present year and their forecast as of the end of 2010 within the framework of the fractal model.

Kudinov A.N. / Tsvetkov V.P. / Tsvetkov I.V. / Sajina O.I. )

Transnational corporations innovation development in global economic space

Nikulina O.V. / Tkachenko Y.S. )

 Banking system

Main tasks and development strategy of the banking system during the international financial center

Abramova M.A. )

Assessing the financial stability of the bank by the mathematical models

Pronskaya N.S. / Gogol D.A. )

Bank innovations: theoretical and practical bases of introduction of bank services

Zvarykina E.B. )

 Tax policy

Estimation of results of an anti-crisis tax policy of the state

Kunitsyn D.V. )


Investment risks in agrarian and industrial complex and ways of their definition

Volkov I.V. )


Influence of the manipulative transactions on the prices of the Russian shares

Babadaeva V.M. )

The impact of the economic-financial crisis on changes in character of relations between RTS index dynamics and share prices of large Russian enterprises

Yasyr A.A. )

 Financial management

Optimization of the finance of house economy in modern conditions

Butakov V.K. )


State budget of Russia in the first half of the XIX century

Muraveva L.A. )


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