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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 5, February 2009

 Estimation of efficiency of expenses

Analysis of effectiveness of payroll expenses

Klimova N.V. )

 Tax potential

Analysis of taxable capacity of municipal entities for the purpose of perfection of mechanism of intraregional budget leveling

Suglobov A.E. / Cherkasova Yu.I. )


Differentiation of remuneration on the basis of appraisal of intensity of labor

Rogaeva A.V. )

 Competitiveness and risk

Methodic approaches to appraisal of competitiveness and business risk in micro-entrepreneurship

Filobokova L.Yu. )

 Management questions

Appraisal of effectiveness of product flows management system in production

Vybornova V.V. / Nozdrin A.N. )

Features of organization of management decisions making mechanism in market relations

Sazhneva S.V. )

 Economic potential

Appraisal of enterprise economic potential

Zabolotskaya N.V. / Kozlova T.V. )

 Optimization of the choice of the project

New approaches in solution of tasks to choose the best investment project and the best type of equipment

Kogan A.B. )

 Auditing work

Sectoral features of activities of establishments of correctional system

Belov M.Yu. )

 Criterion of the estimation of competitions

Use of terms of road construction in criteria of appraisal of concession tenders

Maximov V.V. )


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