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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

«Regional Economics: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 16, Iss. 6, June 2018


pp. 992–1013

Regional salience of the formation of rural manpower capabilities: Territorial and sector-specific perspectives

Kravchenko T.S. / Volchenkova A.S. )

pp. 1014–1027

Methods to assess the efficiency of local budget performance of the compulsory medical insurance fund in the Volga Federal District

Yashina N.T. / Khansuvarova E.A. / Chesnokova L.A. / Malysheva E.S. )

pp. 1028–1040

Implementation of modern migration policy in the Russian Far East: Federal and regional aspects

Mishchuk S.N. )

pp. 1041–1051

Increasing the financial literacy of young people: Problems and prospects

Danchenko E.A. / Shlykova I.A. )

pp. 1052–1064

Investment and legal risk of administrative control of agricultural land transactions. Part 1

Smirnov M.A. )


pp. 1065–1081

Developing the methods to assess the entrepreneurial potential of small enterprises in regional economy

Baranov M.A. )

pp. 1082–1096

Contemporary development of the Russian Far Eastern regions in the format of green economy model: Ecological aspects

Mirzekhanova Z.G. )

pp. 1097–1114

Productive network structures in the regional economy

Glumov A.A. )

pp. 1115–1126

Social capital: Key issues and factors of development as part of the formation of human capital and satisfaction of socio-economic needs of the population

Gerasimova L.A. )


pp. 1127–1140

Long-term risks of the Russian crop production under conditions of global climate change in the context of food security

Yashalova N.N. / Ruban D.A. )

pp. 1141–1159

Evaluation of the food security in the Sakhalin oblast

Stroeva G.N. )


pp. 1160–1172

Organizational and economic aspects of the activities of integrated enterprises in the dairy subcomplex of the Kostroma oblast

Khomutova L.A. / Khomutov A.V. / Morozov E.N. )


pp. 1173–1188

Number of preschool-age children in Russia in 1990–2050

Sinitsa A.L. )


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