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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

«Regional Economics: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 11, Iss. 41, November 2013

 Issues of economy

Regional and antimonopoly policies: problem of harmonization in Russian domestic gasoline markets

Inshakov O.V. / Bogachkova L.Yu. )

The significance of innovation zones for establishment of regional innovation systems in Russia

Musaev R.A. / Bukharova E.M. )

Current state and problems of functioning of the enterprises of housing and municipal services

Makarenya T.A. / Kotenko Y.S. )

 Social sphere

Features of development of the labour market of rural municipalities on the basis of business

Tretyakovа L.A. )

 Foreign experience

Features of labor market in rural municipalities on basis of business

Zhuravleova E.A. / Protsyuk N.I. )

 Innovations and investments

Requirements to investment policy insurance companies from state position

Shor I.M. )

Problems of tax incentives innovation in regional economy

Migunova M.I. / Ilyin E.A. )

Company towns evolution as infrastructure building innovative import substitution

Makarov A.N. )

 Agrarian and industrial complex development

The mechanism of functioning of financial and credit infrastructure, agriculture

Shakrupa Е.А. )


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