Finance and Credit

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«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 25, Iss. 9, September 2019

 Financial system

pp. 1956–1970

Basic aspects in the development of financial markets across countries: The Asian story

Shvandar K.V. / Anisimova A.A. )

pp. 1971–1986

Transformation of the consumer behavior model in the digital economy

Egina N.A. )


pp. 1987–2005

Financial and economic analysis of startups at the early growth stage

Grigorovich D.V. / Kozhanova A.V. )

pp. 2006–2021

Analyzing the dynamics of Russia's balance of payments

Smirnov V.V. / Mulendeeva A.V. )


pp. 2022–2039

A classification of banking innovation in the digital economy and the assessment of the innovative potential of Russian banks

Kotova K.Yu. )

pp. 2040–2053

Binning of variables: A compromise between the efficiency of the model and regulation

Roskoshenko V.V. )

pp. 2054–2068

The future development of banking given spreading digital technologies

Strel'nikov V.V. )


pp. 2069–2082

The impact of fiscal sharing technique on the financial stability of the Russian Federation regions

Yashina N.I. / Malyshev S.A. / Chesnokova L.A. )

pp. 2083–2095

Characteristics of sovereign funds as a risk management tool: Evidence from Russia and Norway

Kosov M.E. / Bondarenko N.O. )

pp. 2096–2108

Active social policy as a special mechanism for reducing socio-economic inequality

Ermakova E.R. )

pp. 2109–2124

Unified agricultural tax with VAT: The issues of harmonization

Davletshin T.G. )

pp. 2125–2139

The effective income tax rate: A cross-country analysis

Ievleva A.Yu. )


pp. 2140–2155

Digitalization of the economy and finance of individuals in Russia: Some aspects of interaction

Fetisov V.D. / Fetisova T.V. )

pp. 2156–2166

An algorithm to evaluate the performance of public-private partnership transport projects

Savrukov A.N. / Savrukov N.T. / Kozlovskaya E.A. )

pp. 2167–2178

Studying risk-reducing factors in investment project financing

Khakhanaev U.S.-E. )


pp. 2179–2192

The insurance market in Russia at the present time

Rezanova L.V. / Moroshkina M.V. )


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