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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 35, September 2010


Approaches to the management of economic reliability multidivisional Bank

Potemkin S.A. / Novikova N.G. / Larina T.A. )


Executives remuneration disclosure of multinationals and banks

Kostyuk A.N. / Kostyuk E.V. / Neselevskaya O.A. )

 The financial market

The influence of the global financial market on the balance of payments of Russia and developed countries of the world

Petrikova E.M. )

Methodological aspects of evaluation function currency and stock markets in crisis

Fedorova E.A. )


The main concept of complex valuation in the system of mortgage credit and loan

Semenova E.A. )

 Regional finance

Financing of the program of assistance of employment of the population in Republic Kalmykia

Kookueva V.V. )

Distinctions of the capital formating by the commencial banks operating in the region

Simakova I.N. )

 Municipal finance

Consolidation of financial and property relations on the municipal level

Mishina S.V. )


The need for further understanding and fastening the economic laws as a basis of formation and regulation of the national banking sector

Artemyev A.A. )

Evolution of views according essence and function of enterprise from beginning to nowadays

Opaleva O.I. )

 Securities market

Comparative analysis of the unit investment trusts portfolio structure and the micex index structure

Chelpanova V.A. )


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