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Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 26, July 2010

 Tax policy

Improvement of the principles of the determination of the prices for purposes of taxation and the consolidation of taxpayers for the purpose of the association of tax base for tax of the profit

Tchaikovskay L.A. / Oparina S.I. )

To the problem of control regulation of income tax rate

Aliev B.H. / Kagirgadjieva Z.K. )

 Banking supervision

Differentiation of the bank supervision regime: foreign experience and prospects of implementing in Russia

Dubova S.E. / Kutuzova A.S. )


Currency union: development of the optimum «criteria of convergence»

Shchegoleva N.G. / Balashov D.A. )


Basis of risk management involvement of bank in the money laundering processes

Bass A.B. / Karataev M.V. )

 Innovation development

Russian economy clusterisation in the conditions of innovative development

Nikulina O.V. / Tasso A.Ju. )


The influence of crisis 2008-2009 on the integration of stock markets

Fedorova E.A. )

Alternative return’s assessment of Russian real estate investment trusts based on the calculation of interim earnings

Darsalia I.N. )


Fiscal control in the framework of national economic security: institutional aspect

Lavrenko S.V. / Romanova A.V. )

 Bank management

Features of development retail banking in Russia

Tatarinova L.Y. )


Investment opportunities of international finance lease

Dun I.R. )

 Investment potential

Venture market overview, Russia-2009

Silaev A.A. )


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