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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 22, June 2010


Creation of the russian financial market regulation methodology

Kotlyarov M.A. / Lomtatidze O.V. )

Specificity of the housing-municipal services as object of finantial relations

Kameneva E.A. )

 Interbudgetary relations

The financial mechanism of inter-budgetary relations

Vinicina V.V. )

 Investment resources

Theoretical aspects to the analysis of investment attractiveness of objects of investing

Klyuchnikov S.V. )

 Monetary and credit policy

Private credit as an instrument of the crisis policy

Fetisova T.V. )


The angel investor financing of innovation projects

Kosov M.E. / Sigarev A.V. )

 Insurance business

Insurance of leasing operations in Russia

Nechaev A.S. )


Quality of a credit portfolio, as the factor of cost of bank

Filippova A.A. )

 The share market

Institutional aspects of increase of efficiency of state regulation of the securities market

Gafurova G.T. )

 Economy questions

Irrational economics phenomenon: its interpretations, features, contradictions

Shevchenko I.V. / Bondarev D.G. )

 Foreign experience

Provision of pensions in switzerland

Brovchak S.V. )

 History pages

Financial policy of Ekaterinas II

Muraveva L.A. )


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