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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 16, Iss. 10, March 2010

 Economy questions

Money as means of manipulation of crisis’s

Zakharov V.K. / Golikova E.I. )

 The budgetary policy

Modern problems of formation of local budgets’s revenue and solutions

Penugalova A.V. / Chulkov A.S. )

Fund of national goods of Russian Federation : experience 2008-2009 and prospects

Sukharev A.N. )


Insurance sector strength estimation relies on risk-based ratio of Insurance company financial activity

Yashina N.I. / Ogorodova М.V. )


Analysis of tax risks revelation and management

Drozhzhina I.A. )

 Management of the capital

The statistical analysis into the interrelationship of the capital management indicators and market value characteristics of the public Russian companies

Yudkina L.V. / Berlin J.I. )

 Bank management

The portfolio approach to retail credit activity of bank

Ievleva A.A. )


Contemporary tendencies of the international factoring development in Russia and in the world

Gavrilov A.A. )

 Financial monitoring

Role of bank sector in modern money-laundering models

Karataev M.V. )

 The investment policy

Revelation peculiarities methods of public regulation investment activity in the North-West regions of Russia

Maltsagova T.M. )

 Foreign experience

Local Taxes on Property in Germany

Berezin M.Y. )

 History pages

The contents of finance in D. A. Tolstoy’s scientific ideas

Anikeeva A.A. )


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