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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 22, August 2009

 Realization of the principle of the continuity of activity of the organization

Analysis of execution going concern principle

Endovitskiy D.A. / Agupova K.P. )

Forecasting of monetary streams at the dynamic estimation of investment projects

Abbasov S.A. )

 Economy questions

Statistical analysis of the socio-economic development level of Voronezh oblast municipal districts

Gritsenko S.V. )

Role of the state in development of the automotive industry of modern Russia

Chaykovskaya O.A. )

 The competitiveness analysis

Enhancement of methodic-organizational aspects quality costs management

Tanasheva O.G. / Poletavkin A.I. )

The automobile company strategy development

Shushkin M.A. )

Shaping techniques raise the competitiveness strategies of indistrial products

Dolgov D.I. )

 The analysis it is industrial-economic activities

Integrated approach to an estimation of commodity policy

Shmidt Y.D. / Romanova I.M. / Veselov A.I. )

Benchmarking vs. Competitive analysis

Ivanov I.N. / Foukova D.J. )

 The analysis of non-material actives

Valuables approach for appraisal of football club brand

Cherepanov V.Y. )


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