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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 12, April 2009

 History questions

From history of development of economic analysis

Kazakova N.A. / Nasedkina T.I. )

 Resource management

Optimal management of resources of organization of consumers’ cooperation

Khusainov M.K. / Sharipov M.M. )

 The investment policy

New method of appraisal of economic effectiveness and risks of investment projects of power plants considering their specific character on the basis of integral models

Khusainov M.K. / Sharipov M.M. )

Macro and micro economic factors of modern stage of development of investment activity of Russian enterprises

Stadnik A.I. / Alexandrova E.N. / Poddubnyi E.M. )

Modern methods of appraisal of effectiveness of investments into items of intellectual property

Levkina N.N. )

 The financial analysis

Analysis of connection of financial coefficients

Il’ina I.V. / Sidorenko O.V. )

 Management questions

Main approaches to development of the process of management of enterprises

Anglichaninov V.V. )


Records management and control as components of budgeting process of building organizations

Zubareva E.V. )

 Innovative activity

Development of policy of financing of innovative activity of enterprise

Glushchenko I.I. )

 Account problems

Problems of accounting of the process of nature management

Morozova E.V. )

Role and place of investments as a unit of accounting and economic analysis

Akhmyatzhanov T.Z. )


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