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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 3, January 2009


Network management as a new quality of the enterprise brain capital management

Salikhov B.V. / Neimatova B.A. )

 Technique of the rating of graduates of high schools

Development of methodology of students rating (high school graduates) as a means to stimulate cooperation of high schools and commercial organizations

Goncharenko L.P. / Ponomariov M.A. )

 The administrative account

Conceptual basis of development of management accounting

Chaya V.T. / Chupakhina N.I. )

 Economic-mathematical modelling

Analysis of economic activity of raw materials extractive regions with the help of the model of distribution of areas of responsibility

Skorikov O.V. / Surkov S.A. )

 Storekeeping methodology

Methodology of definition of vested remainder of a brand of material resource as of the end of the year

Radionov R.A. )

 Economy and management

Analysis of a system model of effective management by operating departments of industrial enterprises

Tret’yakov A.K. )

 Cost of investments

Analysis of fair value of real estate investments

Marenkova A.Yu. )

 Reserve registration system

Development of concept of accounting of redundant system of a commercial organization

Dmitrichenko E.D. )


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