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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 26, Iss. 10, October 2020


pp. 2170–2192

Tangible and intangible incentives of key executives of management bodies of regions and districts: Modeling and assessment

Yashin S.N. / Koshelev E.V. / Borisov S.A. )

pp. 2193–2214

The investment mechanism for the development of innovative subsystems of different levels of the global center countries

Akhmetov T.R. )


pp. 2215–2229

To Nicholas II's deposits held with the English banks

Fetisov V.D. )

pp. 2230–2251

The financial and economic substance of the contemporary Russian capitalism

Smirnov V.V. )

pp. 2252–2267

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial and consumption behavior of the Russian people

Razumovskaya E.A. / Razumovskii D.Yu. )

 Financial system

pp. 2268–2289

Developing a methodology to assess the financial market security based on the actor-network theory

Loktionova E.A. )

pp. 2290–2309

Financial market transformation and demand for a new type of specialists

Koloskova N.V. / Chistyakova O.A. )


pp. 2310–2327

Regional inequality by the Theil index

Moroshkina M.V. )

pp. 2328–2345

Stability of the demand for money in Russia in 2001–2019

Artsruni R.A. )


pp. 2346–2363

Debt sustainability of the Argentine Republic: Problems and prospects

Kuznetsov A.V. / Morozov S.A. )

 Financial control

pp. 2364–2384

Key vectors for improving the activity of regional bodies of the Federal Treasury given the integrated management of public finance

Nechaeva M.L. / Kiotova D.A. )


pp. 2385–2406

Criteria for classifying banks as systemically important in the Russian banking system

Kalacheva E.A. / Lamekina A.S. )


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ISSN 2071-4688 (Print)

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Vol. 26, Iss. 12
December 2020