Finance and Credit

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«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 26, Iss. 1, January 2020


pp. 4–19

Deliberate bankruptcy: A proactive approach of third party stakeholders to identifying mala fide debtors

Nikiforova L.E. / Alekseev M.A. / Vasil'eva N.S. )

pp. 20–35

Theoretical principles of behavioral valuation

Bogatyrev S.Yu. )

pp. 36–49

Tools for integrated assessment of energy security

Zaitsev S.V. / Grigor'eva I.A. )

 Financial system

pp. 50–61

Conceptual framework for pension system financing

Madatova O.V. / Belukhin V.V. )

pp. 62–80

Analyzing the behavior of Russia's financial and socio-economic systems

Smirnov V.V. )

 Financial control

pp. 81–100

Three-dimensional financial security model as a tool for financial strategy formation in the context of value-based management

Pochitaev A.Yu. / Akhmetov R.R. )

pp. 101–124

Transformation of the organization and management of small and medium-sized business' finance

Laktionova O.E. / Tereshchenko E.Yu. / Desyatskii S.P. )


pp. 125–141

Factors to generate the demand for mortgage products of bank on the retail landing market and their evaluation

Sinyakova E.V. )

pp. 142–154

Priorities for improving risk-oriented internal control in Russian credit institutions

Efremova Yu.S. )

pp. 155–167

The role of monitoring the value of pledged property in the process of mortgage assets securitization

Potomova S.A. )

pp. 168–178

Expanding the role of central banks in liquidity risk management and macroprudential supervision

Ipat'ev I.R. )

pp. 179–195

Improving the bank lending mechanism for the agro-industrial complex

Kolomasova R.A. / Bazarnova E.S. )


pp. 196–212

Potential capacity, limits and research areas of intra-regional (local) fiscal decentralization in the federal policy of regional development

Timushev E.N. )


pp. 213–227

Investment instruments as the basis of investment activity

Kupriyanova Т.А. )


pp. 228–240

Current problems of value-based management use in Russian practice

Jafarov V.A. )


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ISSN 2071-4688 (Print)

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Vol. 26, Iss. 3
March 2020