Finance and Credit

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«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 25, Iss. 5, May 2019

 Financial system

pp. 980–992

Studying pension payments in the compulsory social insurance system under increasing risks to financial stability

Ovcharov A.O. / Matveev V.A. )

pp. 993–1015

The state and maintenance of the financial order in the Russian economy

Smirnov V.V. / Mulendeeva A.V. )


pp. 1016–1032

The prospect theory: Evolution of ideas and retrospective view on the development

Bogatyrev S.Yu. )

pp. 1033–1042

To a trade-off between social values and the quality of living, human capital and motivation to highly productive performance of entrepreneurs in Russia

Kleshcheva Yu.S. )

pp. 1043–1060

Finance of innovation: National projects and demand for new tools

Bozieva I.A. )


pp. 1061–1070

Electronic mortgage in mortgage lending: Advantages and disadvantages of application

Annenkova E.A. / Travkina E.V. )

pp. 1071–1085

The impact of regulatory requirements on systemically important banks: Global practices, evidence from Russia

Starodubtseva E.B. / Medvedeva M.B. / Markova O.M. )

pp. 1086–1100

Prospects for regional banks' development in modern conditions of the Russian banking system transformation

Sedykh N.V. )

pp. 1101–1116

International reserves of the Russian Federation: The issues of formation and management

Nazar'yants A.A. )

 Financial control

pp. 1117–1129

Conceptual approaches to building an effective financial and economic model of management company in the housing and utilities sector

Sukharev A.N. / Golubev A.A. / Karaseva L.A. )


pp. 1130–1140

Regional experience in centralizing the functions of taxation authorities related to bankruptcy procedures support

Levacheva D.А. )

 Securities market

pp. 1141–1165

Economic variables impacting the corporate bonds' yield spread of the BRICS countries

Sultanov I.R. )

pp. 1166–1182

Empirical properties of stock price trends in the Russian stock market

Ulyaev L.R. )


pp. 1183–1204

Leasing as a method to finance corporate assets

Shchurina S.V. / Bardunaev A.S. )

pp. 1205–1226

Business valuation through the Ohlson model: Evidence from the advanced markets of Europe

Khassanov A.B. )


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June 2020