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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 24, Iss. 9, September 2018


pp. 2017–2032

To the question of financial autonomy of municipal entities and methods of assessment of its level

Dadashev A.Z. / Zolot'ko A.I. )

 Financial system

pp. 2033–2041

Innovative properties, positive and negative effects of cryptocurrency turnover on the economy

Kochetkov A.V. )


pp. 2042–2055

Government investments in the region: Problems and prospects

Shvetsov Yu.G. )


pp. 2056–2074

Investment activity of insurance organizations: Opportunities, prospects, and lines of development

Kozlova O.N. / Kalacheva E.A. / Kalacheva I.V. )


pp. 2077–2085

Protection of impaired savings of people as a socio-economic factor of Russia's development

Semenov S.K. / Semenov K.S. )

 Financial system

pp. 2086–2104

Financial support to municipalities in the Russian Federation: Key challenges and solutions

Balynin I.V. )


pp. 2105–2119

Financial security of the region: The concept and decomposition

Chichkanov V.P. / Chuvashova A.A. / Chistova E.V. )

pp. 2120–2136

Compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation: Problems of development

Martov S.N. )


pp. 2139–2150

Financial and economic specific nature of the activities of resource-supplying organizations in modern Russia

Sukharev A.N. )


pp. 2151–2165

Express analysis of the investment appeal of regions

Trachenko M.B. / Dzhioev V.A. )

pp. 2166–2183

Approaches to the public management of infrastructure investment in Russia in the light of international practices

Bogacheva O.V. / Smorodinov O.V. )


pp. 2184–2198

Conservative methods of investing

Parshina L.N. )


pp. 2201–2213

Powers of the Central Bank in the context of the liquidity preference theory of J.M. Keynes

Gogokhiya D.Sh. )

pp. 2214–2232

A mechanism to identify hazards and threats in activities of institution subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the Astrakhan oblast

Zaitsev S.V. / Nadeina I.A. )


pp. 2233–2248

On attracting direct investment of U.S. Transnational corporations to the Russian economy under sanctions

Koshko O.V. / Romanova E.M. )


pp. 2249–2260

Peculiarities of business restructuring by means of shares

Ermolaeva O.V. )


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