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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 20, July 2009

 Investment and risks

Analysis of the distribution of financial investments organization

Endovitskiy D.A. / Levina M.V. )

Risk aversion at the financial crisis

Kritski O.L. )

Estimation of investment appeal of alternatives of expansion of the trade mark

Tabekina O.A. / Fedotova O.V. )

Analysis the risks of investment projects, public-private partnership in the region

Kvasov I.N. )

 Analysis of economic activity

Assessment and forecast of the Republic of Dagestan indicators viticulture econometric modelling methods

Adamadziev C.R. / Mirzoyeva N.K. )

The problem of determining the financial situation of the shipbuilding sector enterprises in market conditions

Taraskina A.V. / Symonenko L.G. )

 Indicativ planning

Methodology for standardizing the staff strength of cash-centric queueing theory

Kryanev A.V. / Zhilyak A.V. )

About the level of people’s demand of main food product

Taisheva G.R. )

 Cost-effectiveness analysis

Methods of an estimation of efficiency of use of public funds at carrying out of audit of efficiency

Vasilyeva M.B. )

 The intraeconomic analysis

Development reengineering business processes trade organization as the direction of the restructuring of its activities

Maymina E.V. )


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