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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Vol. 8, Iss. 16, June 2009

 Reproductive activity

Appraisal of position of the sphere of reproductive labor in period of crisis and perspectives of its changes

Ilyshev A.M. / Bagirova A.P. )

 Formation problems

Economic analysis of export of educational services

Risin I.E. )

Internal audit of purchases in state high schools

Gadzhiev N.G. / Akhmedov A.Z. / Kurbanov M.M. )

 The account of non-material actives

Organization and accounting aspects of analysis of condition and movement of intangible assets in vertically integrated structures

Ermakova N.A. / Gazizova A.R. )

 Economy questions

Analysis of application of the notion balanced economy and unbalanced economy, stable development and unstable development

Serkov L.A. )

Crisis may and must recondition company

Gizyatova A.Sh. )


Age-related periodization of labor resources of the youth as factor of development of labor potential (by example of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Shaikin D.N. )

 Economic-mathematical modelling

Features of modeling of accounting business processes

Pavlov D.V. )

 The investment policy

Modern methods of evaluation of effectiveness of investments into items of intellectual property

Levkina N.N. )

 Credit status

Economic analysis of solvency of the group of interconnected organizations

Kovtun D.V. )


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