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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 7, March 2009

 Industrial systems

Analysis of the Designed Production Systems Technological and Organisational Level

Ogoleva L.N. / Rodionov A.V. )

 The budgetaru analysis

Regional Inter-Budget Relations Analysis (Case Study: Krasnoyarsk Region)

Suglobov A.Ye. / Cherkasova Yu.I. )

 Equation of indicators of development

Analysis of Company Growth Indicators Balancing in terms of Structure and Time

Fomin V.P. / Igoshina N.A. )

 The financial analysis

Estimation of Capital and the Sources of its Formation for the Furniture Industry Companies in Primorsky Territory

Romanova I.M. / Veselov A.I. )

 The innovative and ecological account

Questions on Innovative and Ecological Control Methods and Procedure

Sayenko K.S. )

 The financial account

Theory and Methodology of Organising Expenses Financial Accounting in Agricultural Companies

Zubareva O.A. )

 Anti-recessionary management

Classification of Creditors' Demands at Time of Bankruptcy

Chernova M.V. )

 Economic-mathematical modelling

Modeling and Analysing the Data Distribution by Means of "Buzz Marketing"

Chernyavsky A.D. )

 Management questions

Planning for Regional Companies: Strategic and Long-Term

Vorobyev A.D. / Politov D.B. )

 The account of the overhead charge

Power Manufacturers Overhead Expenses Accounting in the АВС System

Protasov A.Ye. )


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