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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

«Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 8, Iss. 2, January 2009

 Administrative innovations

Business mechanisms of development of management innovations of companies

Beketov N.V. / Denisova A.S. )


Analysis of transactions of insurance of crops under insurance statistics of Kirov region

Zonova A.V. / Livanova L.V. )

 Economic-mathematical modelling

Prediction models of efficiency indexes and risk indexes of the investment project on the basis of the complex systems science

Weisblatt B.I. / Shilova E.N. )

 Management and the analysis of monetary streams

Prediction of business cost and cash flow management: alternative approach

Likhanova Z.K. )

Use of software in factorial analysis of cash flows

Kokina T.N. )

 Financial planning strategy

Specialties of financial strategy of a small enterprise

Pestryakova T.P. )

 The profit analysis

Profit analysis: theory and practice of analysis

Tolpegina O.A. )

 Methodology of the estimation of investment appeal

Methodological approaches to evaluation of investment appeal of housing and public utilities

Glushchenko M.E. )

 Principles of the organization of auditing work

Organization of control and revision work in establishments of correctional system

Belov M.Yu. )


Impact of tax administration on the level of collection of taxes

Kalashnikova I.N. )


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