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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

Methodological approaches to evaluation of investment appeal of housing and public utilities

Vol. 8, Iss. 2, JANUARY 2009

Available online: 18 September 2009

Subject Heading: Methodology of the estimation of investment appeal

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Glushchenko M.E. senior lecturer of the department of accounting, analysis and audit, Omsk State Institute of Service ;

Now considering economic realities “investment appeal” occurs more often. This is connected with objective presence of investment processes and their intense dynamics in economy of Russia. The term appeared in economic literature and became quite urgent in the beginning of 1990s. In the connection with the beginning of privatization processes the problem of expediency of investment of assets in one or another enterprise is in the process of discussion, that is the choice of most attractive enterprises for investors. Reformation of the housing and public utilities branch being carried out now aims at active attraction of private business resources into this sphere. In connection with this the problems of choice of the objects most profitable for investment are the most important for investors-owners in housing and utility complex.

Keywords: approach, methodology, evaluation, investments

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