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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

«Regional Economics: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 10, Iss. 31, August 2012

 Regional development strategy

Image of space in context of business development of territory

Vazhenina I.S. / Vazhenin S.G. / Sookhikh V.V. )

Influence of diversification on efficiency of regional economy

Ankoudinov A.B. / Belyaeva M.N. / Lebedev O.V. )

Tax mechanism of stimulation of development of small business: practice of application and way of its perfection (on Republic Dagestan materials)

Musaevа X.M. / Imanshapieva M.M. )

 Economics and management

Organizational-economic mechanism of interaction of federal, regional and municipal authorities: reproduction approach

Zhulanov E.E. )

Methodical approach to justification of choice and design of organizational structure of management of small enterprises

Fedyukova G.H. )

 Agrarian and industrial complex development

Complex estimation of efficiency of use industrial resources (on example of agriculture of the Udmurt Republic)

Ilyin S.Ju. )

 Innovations and investments

Components of product brand

Safargaliev E.R. )

 Social sphere

Comparative analysis for primary health care and public health of rural and urban areas (on example, the Belgorod area)

Pavlov K.V. / Stepchuk M.A. / Pinkus T.M. / Gospodynko E.M. )


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