Finance and Credit

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«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 25, Iss. 1, January 2019

 Financial system

pp. 4–14

The potential of nonparametric models in the methodology for international financial comparisons

Evloeva L.B. / L'vova N.A. )

pp. 15–25

The Russian banking system's development: Institutional differences and institutional rent

Blokhin A.A. )

pp. 26–38

Pension system and pension reform in Russia: Facts and assessment

Sukharev A.N. )

pp. 39–54

Special economic zones: Theoretical treatment. Introduction

Frumina S.V. )


pp. 55–69

Problems related to capital outflow and the solutions to them

Kosov M.E. )

 Financial control

pp. 70–85

Gender income gap decomposition: Evidence from the Volga Federal District

Ovchinnikov V.N. )


pp. 86–100

The Russian market of payment cards: Development trends at the present stage

Kamberdieva S.S. / Khetagurov G.V. )


pp. 101–113

Prospects of property taxation in Russia

Nadezhdina S.D. / Kalyuzhnaya Yu.I. )

pp. 114–129

A comparative analysis of organizational and financial conditions of autonomous and budgetary institutions in the context of the impact of budget reform

Gafurova G.T. / Notfullina G.N. )


pp. 130–143

Money supply formation in the global economy and financial sanctions, or a Story about how the American dollar turned to non-American

Burlachkov V.K. )


pp. 144–158

The impact of depreciation policy on financial performance and investment opportunities of the industrial enterprise

Panova E.A. )

pp. 159–176

The impact of internal and external environment factors on savings behavior of households in Russia

Маratkanova I.V. )


pp. 177–195

The modern Russian insurance market: Problems and potential for development

Prokop'eva E.L. )

pp. 196–210

Opportunities of using the blockchain technology in the insurance industry

Belousov A.L. / Shustrov A.A. )


pp. 211–227

Priorities of the Russian business environment: The Gini index, personal income tax and key interest rate

Smirnov V.V. / Mulendeeva A.V. )


pp. 228–246

Modeling of transformation of technological development using two-dimensional neural self-organizing maps

Zabolotskii A.A. )


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ISSN 2071-4688 (Print)

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Vol. 26, Iss. 5
May 2020