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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 24, Iss. 2, February 2018


pp. 255–271

Fiscal Policy of Russia and Neo-industrialization: Modern Realities

Semenova N.N. )

pp. 272–287

The Classification of Fiscal Revenue: A Diversity of Approaches

Parshina I.V. )


pp. 288–303

Integral Estimation of the Company's Financial Condition

Aliev A.A. / Solov'eva M.G. / Kachalina A.D. )


pp. 304–314

The System of Taxation of Credit Organizations and Its Effectiveness

Musaeva Kh.M. / Dzhaparova L.G. )


pp. 317–334

Creating a System of Indicators to Assess the Readiness of Petrochemical Enterprises to Implement Innovation Projects

Yashin S.N. / Okhezina G.M. / Belova N.V. )


pp. 335–350

Regulation of the Russian Banking Sector: New Trends

Sofronova V.V. )

pp. 351–361

Some Aspects of Protecting the Customers of Credit Institutions Subject to Dissolution

Zagidullin R.I. / Shavaleeva Ch.M. )


pp. 362–376

Current Budgetary Policy and Main Parameters of the Federal Budget for 2018 and for the Planned Period 2019 and 2020. The Budgetary Policy Relationship with the Forecast-2030

Terekhina S.A. / Soldatenko I.A. )

pp. 379–387

Updating the Profit Taxation in the Oil and Gas Industry: Prospects for Profit-Based Tax

Roshchupkina V.V. )


pp. 388–413

Profit of the Commercial Bank: A Retrospective Analysis and Short-Term Forecast

Polyanskaya N.М. )

pp. 414–429

A Countercyclical Model of Formation of Loan Loss Provisions Is a Necessary Condition of the Banking Sector Stability

Meshkova E.I. )


pp. 430–438

Capitalization of International Uniсorn Companies: To What Extent Is It Feasible?

Butuzova A.S. )


pp. 441–454

The World's Best Practices in Housing Mortgage Lending: Evidence from the USA

Dolmatovich I.A. / Keshenkova N.V. )

pp. 455–464

Digitalization of the Banking Sector

Belousov A.L. / Levchuk E.Yu. )


pp. 465–488

Reforming the Russian Tax System: Problems and Solutions

Davletshin T.G. )


pp. 489–500

Specifics of Municipal Financial Policy Formation: A Systems Approach

Novoselova T.N. )


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