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The interaction of higher education system with the labor market: A study of the labor market in the regions of the Volga Federal District

Vol. 26, Iss. 2, FEBRUARY 2020

Received: 23 May 2017

Received in revised form: 12 September 2017

Accepted: 17 October 2017

Available online: 28 February 2020

Subject Heading: BUSINESS VALUE

JEL Classification: I23, I25, J21, J23, J24

Pages: 456–480

Galeeva R.B. Kazan Cooperative Institute, Branch of Russian University of Cooperation, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation

ORCID id: not available

Subject This article discusses the need to bring into line with the future activities of specialists the content of their preparation, the formation of a system model of higher education, which takes into account today's and prospective requirements of the labor market.
Objectives The article aims to research the labor market in four regions of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation: the Republic of Tatarstan, Mari El Republic, Chuvash Republic, and the Ulyanovsk oblast, as well as discuss problems and prospects of interaction of universities with enterprises and organizations of these regions.
Methods For the study, I used the methods of logical and statistical analyses, and in-depth expert survey.
Results The article analyzes the state of regional labor markets, presents the results of the expert survey of labor market representatives and heads of the regional education system, and it defines possible ways of harmonizing the interaction of universities with the labor market.
Conclusions The article notes that although the number of employed with higher education is growing, at the same time there is a shortage of highly qualified personnel in certain professions, on the one hand, and unskilled workers, on the other. Also, the article says that the universities do not prepare the necessary for the regions specialists in a number of professions or they provide a set of competencies different from the requirements of the labor market, so it is necessary to form and develop effective directions of cooperation between educational institutions and employers.

Keywords: labor market, employer requirements, interaction, vocational education system


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