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Finance and Credit

Perfection of currency regulations system and currency control in Russia under the conditions of world economical crisis

Vol. 16, Iss. 33, SEPTEMBER 2010

Available online: 10 September 2010

Subject Heading: EXCHANGE POLICY

JEL Classification: 

Solovyeva A.M. graduate student, Rostov State Economy University

Due to the world economy crisis, the problem of efficiency of the international monetary policy of Russia has recently gained a greater urgency. In this work monetary legislation analysis of Russia has made in order to figure out the defects which can be used by the members of foreign-economic activity for legalization of income received in criminal ways. The author has made a conclusion that the international monetary policy of the country does not correspond to the economic situation in Russia. The ways of perfection of constituent elements of the monetary policy, directed to fight illegal outflow of the capital, have been offered аbout efficiency of international monetary policy of Russia development in condition of the world financial crisis by the author in this work.

Keywords: monetary policy, control, outflow of capital, legislation

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