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Finance and Credit

Some perspective ways of working with bad and overdue debts

Vol. 16, Iss. 33, SEPTEMBER 2010

Available online: 10 September 2010

Subject Heading: Banking

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Smuolov A.M. professor, Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics

Nurzat O.A. applicant for candidate of science, Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics

Bad debts in commercial banks are one of the most important problems and needed especially careful and continued management. Today, in realities of low-intensity and systematic crisis, solution of this problem is extremely urgent for a whole number of causes. Possibility of organization of the specialized structure for the purpose of returning bad and overdue debts was investigated in this report. Cooperation of this structure with bank, other similar structures and different types of governments was suggested. Also there some ways of cooperation of bank and this economic agent were described as well.

Keywords: crediting, bad credit, overdue debts, problem credit’s management, bank, borrower

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