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Finance and Credit

The financial system of M. M. Speransky’s and its content

Vol. 16, Iss. 5, FEBRUARY 2010

Available online: 3 February 2010

Subject Heading: History pages

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Anikeeva A.A. associate professor, Volzhsky Humanitarian Institute

On the first day of 1810 Alexander I presented a new financial plan developed by M. M. Speransky to the chairman of the reorganized State Council. It was an official programme of reforming Russian finances but it was based on one of the first theories of the state finance in Russia. M. M. Speransky introduced and substantiated the state finance as one of the subsystems of social relations. Timing the present article to the bicentenary of the presentation of the financial plan, the author sets the task of looking into the content of Speransky’s financial system.

Keywords: M. M. Speransky, financial science, history, state finance

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