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Finance and Credit

The procedure of estimation and formation of social housing programs

Vol. 16, Iss. 5, FEBRUARY 2010

Available online: 3 February 2010


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Bessonov V.E. graduate student, Moscow State Management University of the Moscow city Government

The implementation of effective social housing policy is an integral component of economic growth in the modern state. The effectiveness of social housing policy is in determining the most optimal set of mechanisms to improve the housing conditions of citizens, as well as the sources and amounts of funding for such mechanisms. Financial and economic crisis and the decline in funding for social housing policy make the issue of particular relevance. But in the absence of an estimation system of social housing programs, one can’t make relevant decisions about effectiveness of such programs and the basic principles of their formation. As a result of work carried out by the article's author, suggested and tested method of integrated assessment of mechanisms of improving the housing conditions of citizens, provide a means for relevant decision making on the allocation of resources between social housing programs.

Keywords: housing policy, finances, social housing policy, estimation, formation, efficiency, funding source, procedure, mechanism, analysis

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