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Finance and Credit

Regional banks of Russia: problems of development and growth points

Vol. 16, Iss. 5, FEBRUARY 2010

Available online: 3 February 2010

Subject Heading: REGIONAL BANKS

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Golodova Z.G. associate professor of the department of finances and credit, Peoples Friendship University of Russia

The great number of municipal unions and settlements, non-uniformity of placing of banks on territories of the country, prevalence of large banks in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, and also reduction of liquidity of banks in the conditions of modern crisis lead to strengthening of differentiation of subjects of the Russian Federation on security level bank services. In such situation supervising body approach concerning the regional banks, providing not only preservation of this group of banks, but also their development, and an including particular treatment of their regulation and supervision, refinancing and the taxation should be changed.

Keywords: regional banks, trends, crisis, the capital, assets, loans, merges, absorption, accounts, deposits

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