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Finance and Credit

The comparative characteristic and choice of the method of the estimation of tax potential of region

Vol. 16, Iss. 5, FEBRUARY 2010

Available online: 3 February 2010

Subject Heading: Tax policy

JEL Classification: 

Davidova L.V. Doctor of Economics, professor, Oryol State Technical University

Fokina O.G. assistant to chair «the Finance, monetary circulation, the credit and banks», Oryol state technical university

In article approaches to definition of concept of tax potential of region on the basis of treatments of foreign and domestic scientists-economists are investigated, ordering and the analysis of existing methods of an estimation of tax potential are spent, the estimation is given an economic condition of the Oryol region on the basis of tax activity of region.

Keywords: tax potential, region, method, estimation, tax possibilities, tax activity

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