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Finance and Credit

Influence fiscal and monetary credit policy on investment activity of subject’s economic relations

Vol. 16, Iss. 4, JANUARY 2010

Available online: 27 January 2010

Subject Heading: Monetary and credit policy

JEL Classification: 

Yuzvovich L.I. associate professor, Ural State University

The whole system of controlling finances is based on the state financial policy which presents a complex of actions for ensuring the current process of maneuvering with money resources within the limits of economic system. The main content of the given block is carried out through maintenance of a corresponding fiscal policy both budgetary (public expenditures) and tax.
     Besides, the work considers both principles and monetary and credit policy tools as well as monetary and credit policy role in the change of investment activity of managing subjects.

Keywords: financial policy, the fiscal policy, monetary and credit policy, tools

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