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Finance and Credit

Methods of Interest Rate Risk Management in Railway Sector

Vol. 16, Iss. 2, JANUARY 2010

Available online: 19 January 2010

Subject Heading: Risk-management

JEL Classification: 

Fedoseeva M.I. Deputy head of debt instruments Division, OJSC «AHML»

In connection with the ambitious program of OJSC «RZD» borrowing (up to RUR 1.3 trillion. to 2010) and the need to attract investors to these targets by including the floating rate in the structure of the loan, interest risk management issue has recently become even more relevant. In the present work analyzed different methods of managing interest rate risk and it is concluded that in the process of interest rate risk management arising by borrowing in relation to floating rates, using only the a method of diversification is not enough, you should use a more complex model of Interest Rate Risk Management: Using the diversification in a complex the hedging.

Keywords: interest rate risk, investor, borrowings, floating rate, hedge, railway sector

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