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Finance and Credit

The role of M. M. Speransky in Russian financial thought

Vol. 16, Iss. 1, JANUARY 2010

Available online: 19 January 2010

Subject Heading: History pages

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Anikeeva A.A. associate professor, Volzhsky Humanitarian Institute

Two hundred years ago a momentous event happened in the state of Russia. As from the first day of the new year 1810 the state governing, including the financial management, will be exercised according to new rules. This event was closely related to the personality of M. M. Speransky. Reviewing the events of two hundred years, we come across a coincidence: the government administration’ reforms concurred with the beginning of the rapid development of Russian financial thought. The objective of the present research is to find out if this was a random coincidence or the logical consequence of the mentioned reforms, as well as to identify the role of M. M. Speransky as an administrative reformer of the Russian State in the aspect of financial reorganization and the development of the financial thought.

Keywords: M. M. Speransky, financial science, history, state finance

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