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Finance and Credit

Transfers of Central Government in Netherland: organization and criterions of distribution

Vol. 16, Iss. 1, JANUARY 2010

Available online: 19 January 2010

Subject Heading: Foreign experience

JEL Classification: 

Krivorotko Y.V. Candidate of economic sciences,Head of accounting analyses and audit Chair at the Belarus institute of Jurisprudence

In given paper the mechanism of grant transfers from the Central Government in system of intergovernmental fiscal relations in the Netherland is considered. An article gets touch specificity of intergovernmental fiscal relations in a context Holland model development. The purposes of transfers distribution from the Central Government, distribution system of revenues and transfers, criterions and indicators to determine needs in funding are concerned. The process of consultations between Central Government and the local ones concerning allocation of transfers has described.
     In the conclusion the lessons which should be taken out from the Netherland experience of grant transfers from the Central Government for post soviet practice are presented.

Keywords: intergovernmental fiscal relations in Netherland; local budgets, local taxes, transfers, financial equalization

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