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Article Submission

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  • The Editorial accepts Authors' materials upon a duly completed Journals Contributor's Publishing Agreement sent via email post@fin-izdat.ru.
  • For publication, we accept Authors' materials NOT previously published elsewhere only. The submitted materials should be relevant to the Journal Scope and Subject Headings of the Digest Finance journal.
  • The received Authors' materials are all subject to registration. Each particular submitted material is numbered individually. The individual registration number is messaged to the e-mail address of the Corresponding Author indicated for the article.
  • The received Authors' materials are all subject to peer reviewing. The peer review procedure is mandatory and in accordance with the Regulations on Reviewing of the journal. A peer review deadline is no longer than 30 calendar days from the date of registration.
  • Based on the peer review results, the Editor makes the following decisions:
    • Publish the manuscript
    • Recommend the Author to revise the manuscript in accordance with the comments made by the Reviewer
    • Reject the manuscript

    The Corresponding Author indicated for the article shall be informed about the decision taken via e-mail.

Author Inquiries

To check the status of your article, please request via e-mail post@fin-izdat.ru, indicating the individual registration number of the material in the subject line of the message.


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Vol. 29, Iss. 2
June 2024